Coralville Transit Intermodal Facility

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About the Coralville Transit Intermodal Facility
Coralville’s multi-modal transportation facility opened in August 2015. It is designed to support convenient, sustainable, and accessible community transportation options.

The Coralville Transit Intermodal Facility:
  • Promotes several modes of transportation 
  • Increases bus ridership and ease of use 
  • Supports convenient, earth-friendly transportation options 
  • Addresses physical connectivity of the “last mile” for those who use a combination of transportation methods 
The Intermodal is located in the Iowa River Landing, with easy access from Interstate 80 Exit 242.

The Intermodal includes:
  • Comfortable, enclosed passenger waiting areas with protection from the elements
  • Restrooms
  • Free WiFi
  • Electric car charging stations in the lower parking area
  • LED lighting
  • Stormwater planters
  • Connectivity to the trail system.  View area trails
Types of Transportation
The Coralville Transit Intermodal Facility serves autos, buses, taxis, and bikes, and is planned to accommodate the future possibility of light rail.
  1. Bikes
  2. Parking
  3. Bus
Secure Bike Parking
Secured bike lockers, restrooms, and showers are available.

Bike Lockers
Bike lockers are available to rent. For more information, contact the Coralville Transit Intermodal Facility at 319.248.1790.
Rental Total Fee
3 months $18.00
6 months $32.00
12 months $56.00

Bike Rentals
The Iowa Bicycle Coalition offers bike rentals, bike education, and cycling resources at the Intermodal. For more information, visit
Construction of the Coralville Transit Intermodal Facility was funded in part by federal grant funds from the Federal Transit Administration; the second phase will develop pending additional grant funding. Park-and-ride program revenue funds the facility’s operational costs, and additional revenue is dedicated to the operation and capital needs of Coralville Transit.

Future Development
Construction of a second phase will include:
  • Daycare for convenient childcare for those who use public transportation or commuter options
  • 212 additional dedicated park-and-ride commuter spaces
  • 144 locally-funded retail spaces
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