Coral Ridge Avenue Improvements

Coral Ridge Avenue Improvements: Oakdale Boulevard to Forevergreen Road

Coral Ridge Avenue from Oakdale Boulevard to Forevergreen Road is undergoing total reconstruction in 2018. This is the final section of Coral Ridge Avenue that needs to be improved.


After work is complete, this widened one mile stretch of Coral Ridge Avenue will feature:
  • Four lanes (widened from the current two lanes), with a raised center median and dedicated turn lanes at all intersections
  • Upgraded traffic signals at both Oakdale Boulevard and Forevergreen Road
  • New traffic signals at both University Parkway and Wheaton Road
  • New pedestrian tunnel just north of Oakdale Boulevard
  • New 10' trail along the west side of Coral Ridge Avenue
  • New storm sewer system and stormwater quality enhancements
  • Roadway lighting and landscaping
Coral Ridge Ave Improvements

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  • Bid in January 2018
  • Low bid: $8,451,528.03 (Peterson Contractors Inc. of Reinbeck, Iowa)
  • Funding: The Iowa Department of Transportation is contributing $1.7 million, with the balance coming from local funds and assessments. The City of North Liberty is also contributing funds since a portion of the project is located within North Liberty.


  • Start:  March 2018
  • Estimated completion: December 2018, weather permitting (driving lanes, trail, and traffic signals)
  • Landscaping and final work: Spring 2019, weather permitting

Traffic Impact on Coral Ridge Avenue

  • There are traffic delays
  • One lane of traffic is maintained in each direction through the project corridor
  • Detour (mid-May through mid-November): Coral Ridge Avenue traffic detours using Oakdale Boulevard, Crosspark Road, and Wheaton Road to give the contractor full access to this section of the roadway. This temporary closure speeds up the project timeline.
  • Access to businesses is maintained at all times
  • Pedestrian access is maintained using temporary surfacing and channelizing barriers


Current & Upcoming Work*

Work completed the week of September 17:
  • Continued storm sewer installation in Segment C-1
  • Continued final grading and placement of topsoil along the west side of Coral Ridge Avenue. 
  • Paved the two northbound lanes of Coral Ridge Avenue working south of University Parkway toward Oakdale Boulevard. As of September 20, paving stopped near the pedestrian underpass tunnel just north of Oakdale Bouelvard (see paving update image). 
  • Paved the northbound Coral Ridge Avenue right turn lane at Wheaton Road.
  • Prepared the southbound Coral Ridge Avenue right turn lane at University Parkway for paving.
  • Continued light pole foundation work at Coral Ridge Avenue & University Parkway. 
Work expected the week of September 24:
  • Complete storm sewer installation within Segment C-1 and place modified subbase in preparation for paving. 
  • Continue preparing and paving turn lanes.
  • Continue final grading and placement of topsoil along west side of Coral Ridge Avenue.
  • Continue light pole foundations at Coral Ridge Avenue & University Parkway.
  • Attach mast arms to new traffic signal poles at Coral Ridge Avenue & Oakdale Boulevard. 
  • Complete permanent seeding along the Oakdale Boulevard corridor from Coral Court to the Crosspark Road intersection.  The remainder of the project will receive temporary seeding this fall, with permanent seeding next spring following construction of stormwater bio-retention cells along both sides of Coral Ridge Avenue. 
Looking ahead:
  • Substantially complete Segment B-2 by October 20. 
  • The project is on schedule for substantial completion in mid-November.
*Updated September 20, 2018
Paving update

Lane Closures/ Traffic Changes 

Coral Ridge Avenue traffic detours using Oakdale Boulevard, Crosspark Road, and Wheaton Road (May 14 until late October/early November).
Coral Ridge Ave Detour
Detour route:
  • Coral Ridge Ave traffic detours through the project corridor using Oakdale Boulevard, Crosspark Road, and Wheaton Road.
Intersection information & traffic patterns:
  • Coral Ridge Avenue & Oakdale Boulevard:
    • The Coral Ridge Avenue/Oakdale Boulevard intersection is a temporary T-intersection.  
    • Northbound Coral Ridge Avenue drivers approaching Oakdale Boulevard can turn left onto westbound Oakdale Boulevard using the dedicated left turn lane, and turn right onto eastbound Oakdale Boulevard (UI Research Park) using the dedicated right turn lane to follow the detour route. 
  • Oakdale Boulevard & Crosspark Road:
    • The pavement widening that occurred earlier in the project on the northeast corner of Oakdale Boulevard & Crosspark Road provides a southbound Crosspark Road dedicated right turn lane, a southbound thru/left turn lane, and a northbound lane. 
    • Temporary traffic signals, including pedestrian phases, are at Oakdale Boulevard & Crosspark Road.  Southbound Crosspark Road traffic turning right onto westbound Oakdale Boulevard has a free flow right turn movement, except during pedestrian signal phases.  This turning traffic merges quickly into the adjacent westbound lane of Oakdale Boulevard heading toward Coral Ridge Avenue.  
  • Crosspark Road & University Parkway:
    • Crosspark Road & University Parkway is a temporary T-intersection (west leg of University Parkway closed). Stop signs on Crosspark Road are removed; north-south traffic is free flow. Stop signs are added to westbound University Parkway.
  • Wheaton Road:
    • Wheaton Road runs east-west between Coral Ridge Avenue and Crosspark Road, halfway between University Parkway and Forevergreen Road.  
  • Crosspark Road & Wheaton Road intsersection signage has been changed:
    • Northbound Crosspark Road approaching Wheaton Road can make a free flow left turn onto westbound Wheaton Road (following the detour route) or continue straight on northbound Crosspark Road toward Dunn Brothers Coffee, Hy-Vee Gas Station, etc.  
    • Southbound Crosspark Road approaching Wheaton Road has to stop at the intersection.  
    • Eastbound Wheaton Road approaching Crosspark Road (following the detour route) has a free flow right turn onto southbound Crosspark Road and is prohibited from turning left onto northbound Crosspark Road.  
  • Coral Ridge Avenue & Forevergreen Road:
    • Northbound Coral Ridge Ave approaching the Forevergreen Road traffic signals have the left/through/right movements combined into a single lane. Since a single northbound left turning vehicle creates an instant backup, the northbound Coral Ridge Avenue and southbound Ranshaw Way (Hwy 965) movements are split into separate signal phases.  
  • Access to all businesses in the project corridor, including along the detour route, is maintained.  Left turns in or out of driveways along the detour route can be difficult during peak traffic times.  If possible, alter your route so you can make rights in or out of driveways, or adjust your schedule to avoid peak traffic times.  
  • The westerly driveway to Grand Rail remains open.

Merging Traffic

How to Merge Efficiently on Coral Ridge Avenue

When traffic is slow and heavy, merging too early can create traffic backups. During peak traffic times on Coral Ridge Avenue, using a "zipper merge" can keep traffic moving and reduce traffic backups.

A "zipper merge" is when drivers use both lanes of traffic until they reach the defined merge area, and then alternate in "zipper" style into the open lane. This maximizes road space, reduces congestion, and allows both lanes to move at similar speeds.

How to "Zipper Merge"
  1. Watch for signs giving drivers notice that there is a merge ahead
  2. Stay in your lane up to the point of merge
  3. Take turns with drivers to safely ease into the remaining lane
  4. Always merge when it is safe

Merging FAQs

When is it best to use the zipper merge?

When traffic is congested and traveling at slower speeds, it is best to remain in your lane until the point where traffic can take turns merging, which is indicated by a "BEGIN MERGE" sign.

When is it best to merge early?
When traffic conditions are light and vehicles are traveling at highway speeds, it is best to merge as soon as safely possible.

Zipper Merge Resources

Take Turns sign

Pre-Project Planning

Duct Banks

In anticipation of the 
project, underground duct banks were proactively constructed in 2017. These duct banks provided places for the private utilities companies to relocate their overhead and underground facilities to be out of the way before the 2018 improvement projects. The duct banks should minimize delays caused by private utility relocations, which can be common during street projects.

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