Stormwater Pollution

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Awareness & Responsibility

Daily activities can impact water quality. Most rainfall drains untreated to streams and lakes through storm drains in neighborhoods.

What You Can Do

Ways you can prevent stormwater pollution:
  • Wash your car at a carwash or on the lawn, not the driveway
  • Re-direct roof drains to gardens or other vegetated areas
  • Properly dispose of all hazardous household waste
  • Minimize use of fertilizers
  • Clean up after your pets

What Not to Do

Remember: only rain down the drain! Never use a storm drain to dispose of grass clippings, chemicals, pet waste, or other pollutants.

Report a Stormwater Concern

If you see a stormwater concern, report it at any of the following:
  • City of Coralville stormwater hotline: 319.248.1799
  • Contact Stormwater Coordinator Amy Foster at 319.248.1720. Please include your name, address, telephone number, and location of the problem. 
  • Online at (anonymous reports are accepted)

Learn More

For more information, view the Environmental Protection Agency website or the Iowa Stormwater Education Partnership website.