Trails Throughout Coralville

Coralville has over 45 miles of hard surface recreational trails and over extra-wide sidewalks that connect throughout the community. As Coralville grows, we have identified additional miles of trail which could be part of future development.

Area Trail & Bike Parking Maps

Clear Creek Trail


Coralville has several trailheads or facilities to help users enjoy the trail system. Trailheads have parking, restrooms, and amenities such as shelters or concessions. The following serve as trailheads in Coralville:   Overnight parking is not allowed at these facilities. If you are planning an event and want to use a trailhead as part of the event, you must complete a special events application; rental charges may apply.

New Trail: Iowa River Trail

The Iowa River Trail is from Rocky Shore Drive to Clear Creek. The trail includes two steel truss bridges over Clear Creek and 10-foot-wide concrete trail. It was dedicated in October 2021. Iowa River Trail

Snow on Trails
General Trail Snow Removal

Within Coralville's trail network:
  • Some trails and overwide side paths (sidewalks) are plowed
  • Some trails are not plowed and are used for winter sports such as snow shoeing and cross country skiing
  • Some natural surface trails are groomed for fat tire riding

School Area Trails

The City removes snow on trails which are directly linked to a passageway to a school. Those trails are:

  • The Auburn Hills trail segment northeast from Brown Deer Road under the Muddy Creek Bridge to Kate Wickham School
  • The Auburn Hills Trail segment north from Kate Wickham School through the woods, and at the T-intersection to go east to Auburn Hills Drive and west to Muddy Creek Lane
  • Oakdale Boulevard Trail (from Kate Wickham Elementary to 12th Avenue)
  • Muddy Creek Trail (north from Oakdale Boulevard along the east side of the Dovetail Recreation Area to Auburn East Lane)
  • S.T. Morrison Park (One path through the park leading to Northwest Junior High and Kirkwood School complex)
  • Central Park (sidewalks in the park that provide access to Coralville Central Elementary School)

Map of Snow Removal on Trails

How Trail Plowing Is Determined
It is not possible to clear snow from all trails due to the trail size, surface, or steepness. Drifting snow can make it difficult to keep some trails clear. On some trails, it is not possible to get snow removal equipment in.

Winter Trail Etiquette

  • Stay to the right of the trail, or follow directional signs for singletrack trails.
  • Use caution for snowy or icy conditions as salt or ice melt is not used on most trails.
  • Do not use headphones or ear buds.

Trail Planning

Planning Trails, Side Paths, & Sharrows

Coralville uses the a variety of resources to guide planning for trails, side paths, and sharrows. City staff work with the Metro Planning Organization of Johnson County to determine best on street bicycle accommodations and on trail funding. Trail planning is also guided by the Comprehensive Trail Plan and by other community planning efforts.  

See the Metro Area Bicycle Master Plan 2020
See the Coralville Comprehensive Trail Plan 2020

Funding Trail Development

Trail development is funded in two ways in Coralville:
  • Through state and federal grant programs with match money from local hotel / motel taxes
  • Through working with developers as subdivisions are planned to place dual-purpose trails for recreational use and for sewer manhole access

Motorized Vehicles

Motorized vehicles are not allowed on Coralville trails except for parks maintenance vehicles. Equestrian use along trails in Coralville is prohibited. View Policy for Use of Other Power-Driven Mobility Devices.

For more information, contact Coralville Parks and Recreation at 319.248.1750.