Burial Arrangements

Burial Arrangements
To schedule a burial at Oak Hill Cemetery, the funeral home or family must contact the City at 319.248.1700 to confirm ownership and verify who will be laid to rest.  No excavation of burials shall take place without prior notification for proper location by City personnel. 

All grave excavations must be dug in accordance with current applicable state laws and industry standards, and must employ the professional services of a pre-approval contractor of City designation.

Grave Marking Fee
View cemetery fees for plots, grave marking, and monument marking.

Cremains must be in a rigid container or in a cremains vault. 

A plot may be used for up to four cremains.  All plots with multiple cremains must be marked with the names of all interred by using one main monument, and / or individual markers of a maximum size of 12" x 12", flush with the ground and centered over the urn.  Learn more about monuments and markers permitted at Oak Hill Cemetery.

At the time of purchase, the plot owner should declare the name of those to be interred.  The plot owner may change or add names at any time.

Plots are only for burial of the human deceased.  Funereal home personnel must be present at all interment services.

Only one body or the remains of more than one body shall be interred per grave, except in the case of a parent and infant or twin children.  Burial of cremains on the same plot of existing grave will not be permitted.  The grave must be properly marked with the names of all interred.  Mausoleums are not permitted. 

Outside Burial Vaults
A permanent, outside wire reinforced concrete burial vault is required for all burials including interment of cremains, except baby burials where a casket / vault combination is allowed.  Scattering of cremains will not be permitted.

Additional Information
For more information, contact City Hall at 319.248.1700.