E. 9th Street

E. 9th Street Improvements: 1st Avenue to Quarry Road

This two-phase project enhances the E. 9th Street corridor with the addition of landscaped center medians, new north-south crosswalks, curb bump outs to establish parallel parking areas, completion of the brick paver streetscape along the south side of E. 9th Street, and conversion of the E. 9th Street & E. 2nd Avenue intersection into a four-leg roundabout.

Phase 1: Mid October-December 2019 (Complete)

Construction on this stretch of E. 9th Street included:
  • Two raised center medians west of E. 2nd Avenue to create a dedicated eastbound left turn lane onto Ponseti Way.
  • Southerly halves of two north-south crosswalks.
  • Curb bump outs and select brick paver replacement along the south side of E. 9th Street, east of E. 2nd Avenue, to better define the parallel parking stalls.
  • New driveway just west of the current driveway used by both the Johnson County Historical Society and the Antique Car Museum of Iowa. The driveway extends along the east side of Xtream Arena. The museum parking lot will connect to this driveway.

E. 9th St. (Aug. 2020)

Center median landscaping on E. 9th St.

E. 9th St. & E. 2nd Ave. (Sept. 2020)

E 9th St E 2nd Ave Xtream Arena 09182020

E 9th St. & E. 2nd Ave. (Sept. 2020)

Roundabout E 9th E 2nd Ave 09182020

Phase 2: March-August 2020


(Substantially complete)

Work includes:
  • Two raised center medians east of E. 2nd Avenue.
  • Additional north-south crosswalks.
  • Curb bump outs and select brick paver replacement along the north side of E. 9th Street, east of E. 2nd Avenue, to establish parallel parking areas and shorten crosswalk distances.
  • Pedestrian streetscape (brick pavers, street trees, etc.) along the south side of E. 9th Street to mirror the existing north side streetscape.
  • Roundabout at E. 9th Street & E. 2nd Avenue.
Progress August September 11-18, 2020:  
  • Completed splitter island on north leg of roundabout.
  • Completed capstone installation within roundabout central island.
  • Completed tree planter landscaping.
  • Installed decorative tree planter railings east of E. 2nd Avenue. 
Progress expected over the week of August 21, weather permitting:
  • Install remaining decorative tree planter railings west of E. 2nd Avenue.
  • Continue addressing punch list items. One noticeable punch list item will be the installation of a brick paver stop line across westbound E. 9th Street at Ponseti Way. The stop line was missed when the adjacent crosswalk was constructed. The stop line will be constructed one lane at a time to maintain traffic flow and should only take one day to complete. 
Looking ahead:
  • The E. 2nd Avenue connection between E. 9th Street and E. 7th Street should fully open in November. Until then, the GreenState Family Fieldhouse is accessible from E. 7th Street. 
  • A sculptural element will be installed within the roundabout central island, but the design and timeframe for installation have not been determined yet.

Another route into the Iowa River Landing

E. 7th Street between 1st Avenue & Quarry Road
  • As with any roundabout, drivers must yield to their LEFT before entering a roundabout.  
  • Watch for construction traffic passing through this roundabout with material and equipment heading to and from the Arena project.
E 7th St with Construction Traffic Only north and south of E. 2nd Ave

Stay Informed