Social Services Funding

Application Process for Social Services Funding 

In cooperation with the United Way of Johnson and Washington Counties, the City of Coralville accepts online applications for social services funding.

The Joint Funding Application is a cooperative application for organizations providing services to request funding from Johnson County, the City of Iowa City, the City of Coralville, and United Way of Johnson & Washington Counties. Organizations request funding and provide supporting information for each of the local funders through one application.

Two-Year Cycle

The City of Coralville processes applications are on a two-year funding cycle. The amount received from Coralville the first fiscal year will be received the following fiscal year without the need to reapply. Funding in the second year of the cycle may be subject to proration based on the funds available.

Coralville application cycles:
  • Applications were due on September 14, 2018 for the fiscal years 2020 and 2021. 
  • Applications will be due in fall 2020 for the fiscal years 2022 and 2023.

Fund Availability

Limited funds are available and are contingent upon City Council budgeting and approval.

How To Apply

All applications and supporting documents must be submitted through United Way’s e-Cimpact site.  Applications are typically due in September, with deadlines announced when the application cycle opens. An application must be completed to request funds from the City of Coralville.

United Way offers a training workshop about the application process a few weeks before applications are due. 

Learn More

For questions regarding e-Cimpact, the online application process, email Patti Fields, United Way of Johnson & Washington Counties.

For questions about City of Coralville funding, email Ellen Habel, Assistant City Administrator, or call 319.248.1700.