Community Cats

Community Cats in Coralville
On May 25, 2021, the City Council passed Ordinance 2021-1008 allowing residents to trap feral cats, have them spayed or neutered, and then release them to where they were found. The approach is commonly known as trap-neuter-return, or TNR, and a method to stabilize feral cat populations.

Community Cats
Community Cats, also called feral cats, are members of the domestic cat species that are usually not socialized to people and therefore not adoptable as pets. Coralville City Ordinance defines a “Community Cat” as a cat is allowed to roam freely within the City that meets the following requirements:

  1. No person owns the cat.
  2. The cat has been assessed by a veterinarian and deemed healthy.
  3. The cat has been spayed or neutered.
  4. The cat has been vaccinated against rabies, feline rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, and panleukopenia. 
  5. The cat has an ear clipped by the veterinarian making the assessment.

A community cat shall be returned to the area where it was captured unless the cat is sick, injured, or unless the property owner requests that the cat be removed from the property where the cat was captured. View Ordinance 2021-1008

Community Cat with clipped ear

White cat with ear clipped

Pet Cat Requirements
At Large
All cats that are owned as pets, regardless of age, must be leashed at all times unless they are confined within the owner’s property. Cats found to be at large, other than those deemed to be a Community Cat, can be impounded and the owner can be cited for having an animal at large.

Pet Licenses
Every cat over the age of four months must obtain a pet license each calendar year or within 30 days of the animal being brought into the city.  Pet licenses