Clear Creek Trail Connection

Clear Creek Trail: Tom Harkin Trailhead to Highway 6
A frequently-requested trail connection is on schedule to become a reality with the future Clear Creek Trail Connection along the east side of Camp Cardinal Boulevard between the Tom Harkin Trailhead (at Clear Creek) and the shared use path along the north side of Highway 6.

In addition to the new connection from Highway 6 to the Clear Creek Trail system, the project will:

  • Complete the final link of a continuous shared use path on Camp Cardinal Boulevard to Melrose Avenue in Iowa City.
  • Provide an improved pedestrian connection to the US Post Office located on the corner of James Street and Camp Cardinal Boulevard.


  • Design will be completed in winter 2021/2022 with a summer 2022 Iowa DOT letting.
  • Construction is anticipated to start in fall 2022, with final completion in summer 2023.


  • Estimated construction cost: $512,830.
  • Received $212,000 through the Iowa DOT’s Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) funds.
Map_Clear Creek Trail Connection