Forevergreen Road Extension (Future Project)

Forevergreen Road Extension:
North Liberty Road to 12th Avenue (Future Project)
The Cities of North Liberty and Coralville are working in partnership to secure funding for the final 1.3 miles of Forevergreen Road that will complete a 7.3 mile arterial street corridor between the Dubuque Street interchange on Interstate 80 and the Forevergreen Road interchange on Interstate 380.  

The future street corridor will provide an important link to major employers and destinations throughout the metropolitan area, while also providing easier access to and from Interstate 80 and Interstate 380 for all travelers.

The project is included in the Iowa City Urbanized Area Arterial Street Plan and the MPOJC Federally Funded Transportation Infrastructure Needs List. The Cities of North Liberty and Coralville have the project corridor in their Community Plans. The estimated cost of the project is approximately $10,000,000. This project is not yet funded.

To be determined. Timeline is based on securing project funds.

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Two New Roundabouts
North Liberty Road & Forevergreen Road Roundabout
A roundabout has been constructed at the intersection of North Liberty Road & Forevergreen Road. 

Timeline: Construction began in April 2022, and the North Liberty Road re-opened in September 2022.

Funding: This roundabout project is 100% developer-funded as part of the Forevergreen Heights subdivision.

Dubuque Street & Forevergreen Road Roundabout
Plans are to construct a roundabout at the intersection of Dubuque Street & Forevergreen Road by the end of 2026.

This is a joint project with Johnson County

North Liberty Road & Forevergreen Road roundabout

Press Release 2022-09-23_North Liberty Rd NE-1st Ave

Forevergreen Road: 
Between North Liberty Road NE and Dubuque Street (Future Project)

Road Construction
The developer of Forevergreen Heights Subdivision will build Forevergreen Road through the development over the next few years, but will stop short of a future Dubuque Street/Rustic Ridge Ridge roundabout.

A future roundabout at Dubuque Street/Rustic Ridge Ridge is a joint project with Johnson County; we are looking for funding opportunities.