Fire Safety Permit

Fire Safety Permits for Commercial Businesses
Coralville City Ordinance 2008-1011 requires any business in the City of Coralville to have an annual fire safety permit. Contact Nic Pruter at 319.248.1835 or email Nic Pruter to obtain a permit application.

Complete A Fire Safety Permit Form
You must complete and submit a fire safety permit form online. 
Complete a Fire Safety Permit Form

Fire Safety Inspection Tips for Businesses

  • Extension cords are not allowed to be used in place of permanent wiring, affixed to structures, or extended through walls, ceilings or floors.
  • The use of multiplug adapters (3-way electrical splitter or similar product) is prohibited.
  • Power strips must be UL listed, have a 15 Amp breaker and they must be plugged directly into a wall receptacle. 
  • Check to see that electrical appliances and cords supplying power to them are in good working condition.
  • There needs to be 36” of clear, unobstructed accesses in front of all electrical panels. Please ensure there is a clear aisle or passageway to all exit doors, there shall be nothing stored in front of an exit. Building occupants must be able to get to the exit doors quickly, exit corridors and aisles shall remain unobstructed and free of objects at all times.
  • Emergency light fixtures need to be tested monthly to ensure they are working. Press the test button on the emergency light monthly and keep a record that the monthly inspection has been completed. Exit signs also need to be checked monthly. Check them to ensure they are illuminated and can be seen from everywhere within your business. Additionally, the battery backup on the exit sign needs to be tested monthly. Push the test button and the exit sign should illuminate under battery power. Keep records that this inspection is being completed monthly.
  • Combustible materials are not allowed to be stored in boiler rooms, mechanical rooms or electrical equipment rooms or exit stairwells. Check and make sure there is nothing stored within 18” of your furnace or water heater.
  • Does your building have a fire sprinkler system? Check to make sure obstructions such as partitions, racks or storage is not placed in the way of the sprinkler heads. A minimum clearance below a sprinkler head is 18”. Also, make sure has it been inspected by a city licensed contractor in the last 12 months.
  • Does your building have a fire alarm system? Make sure has it been inspected by a city licensed contractor in the last 12 months.
  • Check your fire extinguishers! 
    • They must be mounted, readily accessible, and visible to you and your customers when needed. 
    • Additionally, you need to check the extinguisher monthly to make sure it is in its proper place, not blocked and the gauge is in the green. This inspection needs to be recorded monthly. 
    • Have all fire extinguishers been inspected within the last 12 months by a city licensed contractor? Check the tag on your extinguishers to see if they are current. 
  • Make sure your trash dumpsters are located more than five feet from your building.

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