Looking For A Team

Program Description
Looking for a team? Coralville Parks and Recreation Department may be able to help with our free-agency program. 

How does it work?

  1. Contact the Coralville Recreation Center at 319.248.1750, or sign up online and register as a "free agent" option for the sport activity of your choice at no cost. 
  2. We will create a roster of potential team members to provide to an existing team looking for additional team members.  

What sports are available?

  • Free Agent Flag Football
  • Free Agent Basketball
  • Free Agent Volleyball
  • Free Agent Softball

Will I get placed on a team?
Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee placement on a team, but we will do our best to assist players with making a connection with existing teams. New teams may also be formed from the list of players. A team manager will be required in order to create a team.

What is the cost?
Fee to play will only be charged if a team is formed or added to an existing team.  

Learn More
For more information, contact Erik Dinusson, Athletic Supervisor for Adult Sports. Submit your name and contact information for the sports you wish to play.