Boards & Commissions


Arts Commission 

1301 5th St.
Coralville, IA 52241


Link: Coralville Arts Commission webpage

Name Title Email Phone
Burton, Ann Coralville Arts Commission 319.621.0245
Goodfellow, Bob Coralville Arts Commission (Vice Chair) 319.430.5135
Houchins-Witt, Carrie Coralville Arts Commission 319.359.0439
Jones, Susan Sondrol Coralville Arts Commission (Chair) 319.621.9421
Weber, John Coralville Arts Commission 319.337.9665

Board of Adjustment 

Coralville City Hall
1512 7th St.
Coralville, IA 52241


Link: Board of Adjustment webpage

Name Title Email Phone
Borde, Varsha Board of Adjustment    
Nicola, Cherie Board of Adjustment   319.400.7666
Pearl, Sean Board of Adjustment    
Praska, Karla Board of Adjustment    
Wise, Russ Board of Adjustment    

Civil Service Commission 

Name Title Email Phone
Casserly, Eve Chair   319.351.1135
Merritt, Lauren P.     319.325.7025
Schamberger, Joshua   319.337.6592

Library Board of Trustees 

1401 5th St.
Coralville, IA 52241


Link: Coralville Public Library Board of Trustees webpage

Name Title Email Phone
Cretzmeyer, Francis X. Library Board of Trustees    
Elkins, Amanda Library Board of Trustees 563.212.6642
Hatz, Deborah Long Library Board of Trustees 319.248.1850
Jones, Keith Library Board of Trustees 319.354.2674
Kenner, Pat Library Board of Trustees    
Magalhaes, Shaner Library Board of Trustees 319.621.8677
Turnquist, Robert Library Board of Trustees    

Parks & Recreation Commission 

1506 8th St.
Coralville, IA 52241


Link: Coralville Parks & Recreation Commission webpage

Name Title Email Phone
Fevold, Fred Parks & Recreation Commission (Chair)   319.325.8234
McEvilly, Kyle Parks & Recreation Commission   815.715.0824
Mount, Marti Parks & Recreation Commission   319.331.2398
Tawil, Dhuha Parks & Recreation Commission    
Taylor, Alex Parks & Recreation Commission   319.321.7616

Planning & Zoning Commission 

Name Title Email Phone
Arens, Paul Planning & Zoning Commission   319.665.4757
Fesler, Karen Planning & Zoning Commission   319.331.2573
Knudson, Mike Planning & Zoning Commission    
Nguyen, Phuong Planning & Zoning Commission   319.800.9057
Taylor, Laura Planning & Zoning Commission   319.321.6820
Wenman, Ron Planning & Zoning Commission   319.354.8377
Wilson, Molly Planning & Zoning Commission   319.631.9125