How tall can my grass grow?

Grass/Weed Height: 10” Maximum
All property owners are responsible for mowing and trimming their property. The maximum height allowed by City code for grasses, weeds, and other vegetation is 10 inches. While isolated weeds tend to grow faster than grass between mowings, the height of the majority of the grass and weeds in lawn areas should not exceed 10 inches (garden plants and ornamental grasses are excluded).

Complaints & Inspections
The City of Coralville inspects grass and weed violations when a nuisance complaint is reported. If a complaint is made, the City inspects and:

  1. If no violation is found, no further action is taken.
  2. If a violation is found, the property owner is notified and given five days to mow. Safety issues, such as a blocked right-of-way, may be given a shorter period of time. 
    • The City will re-inspect the property on or after the due date. If the problem has not been corrected, the City will mow/trim within two to seven days (weather permitting), and the cost is billed to the property owner. 
    • Further violations in the calendar year will be mowed by the City at the owner’s expense.

How to Report a Grass/Weed Nuisance
Complaints of long grass and weeds can be made by contacting the Streets Department at 319.248.1740 or online at


  • Mowing and trimming grass is more difficult when it is long. Watch the weather and maintain a mowing / trimming schedule.
  • Remember to mow / trim the right of way (area between the sidewalk and the curb) and along buildings, fences, and other borders.
  • Never sweep or blow grass clippings into the street, ditches, or drains – these are pollutants that can plug storm sewers.
  • If your neighbor’s lawn is long and you have a friendly relationship with them, ask to help or try talking with them. You may find they already have plans to take care of the problem.
  • Make arrangements to have your property cared for if you are going out of town or if circumstances prevent you from maintaining your property.

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