Are pets allowed at 4thFest?

Loud noises like fireworks or concerts, being in crowds, and the noise and activity of a parade may be overwhelming, frightening, or stress your pet. Please consider your pet’s health and safety before bringing your pet to 4thFest. 

Know the leash laws: Pets must be leashed at all times unless confined by a tether or within the owner’s enclosed property. Pets cannot be tied to public property, or off-leash in public spaces, even with the owner present. If you take your pet to 4thFest, it must be on a leash, under control of an adult at all times, and current with its rabies vaccines. 

Pets should always wear ID tags when leaving their owner's property.  Always pick up after your pets.

If you are marching in the parade and are considering bringing your pet to be in the parade with you, please see "Animal in the Parade" at

Service animals are allowed.

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