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Coralville Creekside Cross

Admission Fee

Free and open to the public


Creekside Flow Trail Map

Creekside Cross map

About the Course

This 2.6 mile cross course opened in August 2017 and is the first permanent cyclocross course in Johnson County. 

It is open to cyclocross biking, cross country running, and cross country skiing. 


Updated June 16, 2020: Creekside Cross is now open. Use good riding etiquette by not riding if ruts are being left behind.   

*New at Creekside Cross*:  Phase I of the new Flow Trail at Creekside Cross will open on July 13, 2020. Help pack Flow Trail #1 by bringing your mountain bike or fat tire bike to our Open House and Ride Down event on Monday, July 13 from 5:30-7:00 pm. Observers also welcome to come and view the new trails.  Flow Trail #2 will be done later in 2020 and a grand opening will be held this fall during the Iowa Mountain Bike Festival on October 17.  

General Yearly Schedule

January 1-spring thaw

Open daily, dawn to dusk
(Dates are dependent on weather and course conditions)

Spring thaw-June 30
The course is closed in the spring when the ground is soft.

July 1-December 31
Open daily, dawn to dusk
(Dates are dependent on weather and course conditions)


Restrooms are available at the ballfield concessions stand when the Coralville Creekside Ballpark is open.


The course is just west of the Coralville Creekside Ballpark. Head west on Highway 6 past Coral Ridge Mall and Lowes. Take the first left past Lowes (Deer Creek Road). Cross the bridge and turn right (340th Street).

Course Etiquette

Runners should stay on the right side of the mowed path; cyclists should announce themselves before passing. The person being passed should move to the right side to allow the person to pass on the left.

Future Trail Access

Clear Creek Trail will be extended from east of Deer Creek Road to Creekside Ballpark, and will connect with Tiffin's trail west of I-380. It was bid in fall 2017, and construction began in 2018.